Hand Held Meals
Make Any Sub a Wrap
10Th Avenue Original
Our signature steak, salami, turkey, lettuce, tamatoes and mayo with a touch of our herb cream chesse and vinaigrette - 6.99
The Big 3
Ham, roast beef and turkey toasted with cheddar and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives and ranch dressing - 6.99
Your New Favorite Sandwhich
Salami, spicy mustard, melted provolone cheese and coleslaw on a toasty onion roll - 6.49
Italian Stallion Sub
Ham, salami, pepperoni and provolone toated on our sub roll and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, onions and Italian dressing - 6.99
The Tuna Melt
Tunna salad with cheddar, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted gormet croissant - 6.59
Chicken Bacon Melt
Chicken with bacon and Swiss chesse topped with lettuce, tomatoes and ranch dressing - 6.99
Lobster Seafood Croissant
Lobster seafood mix with mayo & lettuce on a butter coissant - 8.55
Brisket Sub
Thinly sliced smoked brisket, bbq sauce & melted cheddar on a toasted sub roll - 8.55
Turkey Club
A pile of turkey, smokey bacon, melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a butter coissant - 7.59
Hot Ham-N-Swiss
Ham, swiss, provolone & dijon honey mustard on either a toasted butter corissant, or on an onion roll - 7.59
Abe's Patty Melt
Hamburger, onion, ham & swiss, covered in 1,000 island & served on toasted marble rye - 7.59
Meatball Sub
Abe’s meatballs covered in our own tomatoe sauce and baked with mozzarella cheese. Served on a white or wheat sub roll - 6.99
The Buffalo Bill
Chicken breast tossed in our tangy house-made Buffalo sauce covered in mozzarella cheese. Served with lettuce, tomatoes and a side of ranch dressing - 6.59
Prime Cut
Our steak served on a white or wheat sub roll with sauteed onions, mushrooms and green peppers, provolone and horseradish sauce - 7.59
Bacon Chipolte Chicken
Chicken breast with bacon and cheddar cheese toasted with onions, chipolte mayo and guacamole - 7.59
Italian Beef ’N Cheese
White or wheat sub roll piled high with juicy Italian beef and baked with mozzarella, spicy giardiniera or sweet peppers on top - 7.59